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The below form is for SRF members who have a webpage or if they don't have a website may like to submit advertorial text about their service or product for sale. It is only for SRF Members and we hope it will grow to the degree that it will be useful to others as a directory in case there is a service or product that is of interest to them. It will also help to break down some of the anonymity of the fellowship by sharing with each other what projects and services we are involved in. Please feel very welcome to submit your information and inform others about this free service.
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If you don't have a website or webpage and would like to advertise your service, profession, or product please describe it in less than 200 words and we shall create a page for your text. Please also put your phone number and email address in there. Please first write out your description in Microsoft Word so we are not asked to repost it later on in case there are some composition or description errors. When doing this please also be sure to fill in the above boxes.